7 Dresses 👗 That Will Make The In-Laws Jealous

Now, every mother want to look and feel their best at their child’s wedding day. Well, after some arguing and a few too many cups of tea (..or coffee, or wi..) we decided to step it up a notch and show you the mother of the bride dresses that will leave the in-laws jealous and in awe of your style!

So, here they are:

Terani Couture 17123272 mother of the bride-

Gorgeous rose/silver mother of the bride gown with sexy low back, long sleeves and beautiful train
(by Terani Couture >>)

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3 Reasons Why January is When You Should Get a Mother of The Bride Dress

Wondering when would be the best time to get your mother of the bride or groom dress? Paying full price or paying a fraction of the cost for a stunning designer gown bought a few months in advance should be a no-brainer.

So, here are a few of the reasons why January is probably the best time to get the perfect dress for you & a few currently on sale designer gowns, ideal for your son or daughter’s wedding.

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The 25 Most Gorgeous Mother of The Bride Dresses in 2017

We’ve seen some absolutely amazing mother of the bride dresses this year, so choosing only the top 25 was not an easy task. Still, after 7 argument, 24 coffees and 1 cake flying inches away from my head, here are the dresses most worthy of your attention.

These super stylish evening gowns are perfect fit for any mother of the bride or groom. Plus, you can wear them for any special occasion after the wedding as well.

champagne peplum high low mother of thr bride dress Terani Couture

Gorgeous champagne mother of the bride dress 2017 with beaded top and sleeves and the most beautiful beaded long skirt with ruffled high low detail by Terani Couture Continue reading